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Welcome to Micro Weld | Micro Products Company!

At Micro Weld, we know you want to be a confident manufacturer.

To do that, you need a dependable butt welder that is safe and welds consistently so your line keeps moving. When you look at your equipment, it can be frustrating to determine what you need, what needs to be updated, and who can give you the training and support you need to keep your Butt Welders going.

You should be able to get the butt welders you need and the proper support, increasing the longevity of your equipment while keeping your employees safe.

We know you need to keep your line moving with Butt Welders that work, which is why for nearly 100 years, we’ve worked with companies to ensure they get the butt welders they need, employee proper training to use the equipment safely, and the right tools and support to upgrade the butt welders when needed.

Here’s how we do it.

  • First, we take time to learn about your equipment needs and what problems you’re currently facing.
  • Next, we recommend the right solution, whether upgrading your existing equipment or planning a new one.
  • Finally, we will provide the training and support your team needs, so they know how to use the equipment safely so your line keeps moving.

Contact Micro Weld today, so you can stop worrying about what you need and focus on keeping your line moving with the right equipment that’s safe to operate.

Our Commitment to You

It takes more than buying a butt welder to keep your line moving and your employees safe. At Micro Weld, we’re committed to helping you succeed, providing you with the necessary equipment and resources beyond purchasing your welder.

Our Commitment:

  • Train– Ensure your employees know how to properly use and maintain the equipment
  • Repair– Provide the right solutions to repair your machine for safety and reliability
  • Upgrade– Recommendation for upgrading your equipment when possible instead of replacing it
  • Support– Providing expert technicians, training, and a team for all your butt welder needs

Your butt welders are essential tools for your business. At Micro Weld, we provide the most dependable butt welders and partner with you to keep your line and business running smoothly.