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Micro Weld Butt Welders

When joining metal, you need a seamless and strong weld that holds through the toughest stress. Your focus is keeping the line moving without worrying about welders breaking, safety concerns from “repaired” equipment, or if the equipment you have is overdue for upgrades or replacement. We know how important having the right equipment that welds consistently is critical to your business. We provide a wide range of butt welders and the right parts, training, and upgrades you need so you stop worrying about your butt welders and focus on growing the bottom line. 


It takes more than buying a butt welder to keep your line moving and your employees safe.

At Micro Weld, we’re committed to helping you succeed, providing you with the necessary equipment and resources beyond purchasing your welder.


If you have new welding equipment, upgraded equipment, or expand your welding team, ongoing training keeps your employees safe and your butt welder working. Virtual or in-person, we create a training program that fits your needs and your schedule.

Maintenance & Repair

Repairing equipment yourself can cost you more than you save. In-person or virtually, we can help your team with maintenance and repairs, so your equipment works correctly, extending the life of your machine.

In-Plant Installation

You’ve bought the butt welder. Now what? We can help you customize your equipment settings and provide the upfront training for your team so you can get welding.

Replacement Parts

Patching equipment with random parts found in your facility can compromise the machine and increase safety concerns. We provide replacement parts for your buttwelder and the support to install it correctly so your equipment is repaired right the first time.

Butt Welder Upgrades to Heighten Your Precision and Productivity

Upgrade your Micro Weld butt welders with world-class safety & technology accessories. You’ll get the same quality, rugged welders with the safety features you need, creating uniformity with every machine and consistency with every training.

  • New Finger Safe Covers & Components
  • Interlock Switch on Rear Access Panel
  • Solid-State Heat Control
  • 24V Control Circuit
  • Electric Foot Pedals
  • Fixed Flow Control Devices
  • Emergency Stop Button / Main Contractor
  • Rotary Switch on Head Guard

What Our Customers Are Saying

Recently, Adam Fore came to the Okonite Orangeburg South Carolina plant to help us PM several welders and to provide a review and critique of our welding practices. Adam is a very competent and knowledgeable welding expert. Adam guided us through the PM process, and we got several welders back in tip top shape. He was generally pleased with how we were setting up our welders which was a relief. He also provided some additional very helpful pointers and recommendations, some of which we have implemented and some we are planning to implement. Adam’s visit was well worth the money. We hope Micro Weld is planning to hire and train one or two more competent and professional technicians, trained by Adam, to take the reins when he retires!

Mike St Jean   |   Process Engineer at The Okonite Company