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Micro Weld: WJI Equipment Feature

Micro Weld’s AD-3.1 butt welder exemplifies welding efficiency and performance, purpose-built to tackle even the most demanding applications. With robust construction and heavy-duty transformers, the AD series of welders are designed to withstand rigorous use, ensuring uninterrupted workflow and operator safety. This cost-effective solution consistently delivers top-quality results when welding aluminum and copper while meeting the highest standards of excellence.

Welding ranges offered by the Micro Weld AD-3.1 Butt Welder

  • Solid Copper: 0.187in. to 0.375 in. (4.76 mm to 9.52 mm)
  • Solid Aluminum: 0.250 in. to 0.500 in. (6.35 mm to 12.70 mm)
  • Stranded Copper: 4 AWG to 2/0 (27 mm2 to 85mm2)
  • Stranded Aluminum: 2 AWG to 250 MCM (38 mm2 to 126mm2)

For nearly a century, Micro Weld has manufactured high-quality
butt welders in the USA. A trusted industry leader and vertically integrated company, we offer swift delivery of new production machines with short lead times and rapid spare parts delivery. Our mission is to offer exceptional machines and a comprehensive range of services that includes: safety and technology upgrades for existing equipment; OEM factory service and repair; on-site service and training; on-demand video training subscriptions; and live technical support.

Trust Micro Weld to unleash your manufacturing potential and elevate your operations to new heights.