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Maximize your welding potential with Micro Weld’s In-Line Butt Welders. Engineered for continuous operation and long-lasting performance, these welders are designed to deliver exceptional quality welds. The HX-1 model is a highly efficient solution for welding steel rods, and an optional annealing device is available for added convenience. Upgrade to Micro Weld’s In-Line Butt Welders and achieve outstanding welding results with ease.

  • 240, 480 or 600V, 60 Hz, single phase
  • Robust fixed & movable interlocked guarding
  • SCR heat selection control
  • Pneumatic upset
  • Solenoid controlled, pneumatic actuated clamps
  • Heavy duty truck with casters
  • One day of training and commissioning included Optional HX Vertical Layout MD-5 Vertical Layout Available Upon
  • Request

Stainless, Steel
Solid Steel Welding Range:
.125 in (3,18 mm) - .750 in (19,05 mm)
Max Current Draw:
Single Phase Transformer:
Heat Selection Method:
Upset Method:
Air Requirements:
Mounting Truck Type:
4 Wheels
Dimensions & Weight:
Welding Die Height: 46 in (117 cm)
Width Across the Front: 39 in (99.06 cm)
Depth to the Back: 29 in (73.66 cm)
Height: 46 in (116.84 cm)
Weight: 640 lbs (290.24 kg)
  • Integrated Arm Anneal
  • CAL Elevated Anneal
  • Heavy Duty Vise
  • 1/2 HP Grinder
  • Electrical Outlet on Welder
  • Portable Shear (cutter)
  • Operator Platform & Shuttle