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Introducing Micro Weld’s line of MD model welders, designed specifically for efficient and high-volume welding of large-diameter steel rods. Our MD model welders produce consistently high-quality welds that are uniquely formed under heavy upset pressures delivered by a motor-driven cam assembly. Our extra heavy-duty transformer is the most stable and cost-efficient option available today to steel rod producers and processors.

For ease of use and precise positioning, our MD model welders also feature foot-controlled individual clamping pedals, allowing for easy placement and adjustment of material position. The heavy-duty clamping mechanism is pneumatically controlled to ensure positive positioning and is equipped with cylinders that have long-lasting neoprene diaphragms. MD-5 Vertical Layout Available Upon Request

  • Standard Electrical Equipment:
  • Weld Transformer Wound for 480 Or 600 Volt, 60 Cycle, Single Phase A/C.
  • Equipped With A 6 Pt Heat Selection Switch
  • 120 Volt Control Circuits
  • Safety Flashguard Interlock Switch
  • 1 1/2 Hp Ac Motor (SCR) Speed Control
  • Push Button Operation
  • Heavy Duty Stepdown Transformer
  • Standard Mechanical Equipment:
  • Complete With Pneumatically Operated Foot Controlled Clamping Mechanism
  • Motor-Driven Cam Upset Mechanism
  • Heavy Duty Straight
  • Slide Movable Headpiece
  • Flashguard
  • Watercooled Headpiece
  • Arm Type Anneal Mounted On A Heavy Duty Four Wheel Truck With Caster Wheels
Stainless, Steel
Solid Steel Welding Range:
.500 in (12,70 mm) - 1.125 in (28,57 mm)
Max Current Draw:
Single Phase Transformer:
Heat Selection Method:
Upset Method:
Motorized Cam
Air Requirements:
Mounting Truck Type:
4 Wheels
Dimensions & Weight:
Welding Die Height: 43 in (109.22 cm)
Width Across the Front: 60 in (152 cm)
Depth to the Back: 37 in (94 cm)
Height: 50 in (127 cm)
Weight: 2325 lbs (1054.60 kg)
  • Heavy Duty Vise
  • CAL Type Anneal